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Hey everyone, I***8217;m a noob to the BMW scene and recently just purchased a 2004 330i from a buyer on Facebook marketplace. Customer stated that the car ran and they hung a bunch of new parts on it(Radiator, all coolant hoses. All 6 coil packs an plugs. TPS sensor. Clutch fan. Fuel pump. Throttle body. An some other "something" value, cant remember the name right now. I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting-this was the customers exact message to me)
When you click the key to the number 2 position, you can clearly hear the fuel pump kick on. So I purchased the car and dropped it off to my friends shop about 45 minutes from me.
He was fairly busy this week, but he wanted to help me out. So he hooks the scanner up to the 330i and there***8217;s a bunch of codes stored in the car. I will post the pics below of what all he found before the battery died. Can anyone shed some light on these codes? I***8217;ve seen a lot of people talk about the 5 fuses under the hood, by the cowl panel? But wasn***8217;t 100% sure that***8217;s the issue I was having. My buddy is going to dig more into it on Thursday. So figured if I could get some help here? I could maybe make his and my life a lot easier!
Thanks for any feedback guys! Greatly appreciate it!


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