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Hey guys. My first beemer - E46 320D 6sp facelift, Orient blue, brushed alum/tan leather, xenons. Bought it as a stopgap "cheapie" as I will be immigrating next year, and didn't want to be saddled with the previous car (New S3). Was a no brainer buy in 2 hours flat, but have actually grown quite fond of her! So comfortable, enough luxuries, quiet, and over 1000km/tank easy! Never thought I'd be a BM man but I think the tide is turning...

I've already ordered Depo clear markers and Euro taillights (Non LED, I prefer a more OEM look...), put in a simple JBL sound system (I must say that BMW sound systems unless the top top top late model ones are quite rubbish and I am an SQ nutter), a little M3 boot spoiler and changed the OEM halogens inside and out to hi brites and LEDs for a cleaner look. That's all I will do for now (will be selling her in August 2011).

My only trouble thus far, and why I love this forum, has been the following, so anyone who straight-up can provide answer/links, that would be great!

  • Infamous "Bulb Out on taillight but they work :tsk:" - I removed the cluster to just check the bulbs and since then the dash light is on - I have tried all the earth-grounding tricks, no dice, but will triple check and report back in a week or 2 once the Euro tails are installed!
  • Driver door seals let in some whistling air above 100kph, need replacing/rejuvenation - any sellers/tips/ideas?
  • Looking for a nice brushed aluminuim short gear knobbie... anyone keen to share pics?
  • Power steering feels slightly heavy - is this normal?
  • Some small water streaks in right headlamp - apparrently the whole front end lens can easily be removed - yikes really? WIll check out when feeling brave, or not a big job? (I am quite an adept mechie, pulled OEM lights apart before in a VW that were OEM sealed units, had to put them in oven - beeeg job and scary!)

I'll post a couple pics up when all these little mods are done and she has been polished up. She is fast becoming my completely unanticipated infatuation... and I've done up plenty of cars before (as far as magazine covers and stuff even!)

Great forum!

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