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Guys, I am making this thread once as I don't want to write it on similar posts for people looking for lawyers. It has become common in our regionals for the same repetitive questions.

I figured we can use this thread as a central area to provide our personal recommendations for help. Everyone has their own guy, or people are looking for a new one / their first. So this is a great place to put everything together.

I have been receiving multiple PM's, so I figured a thread would be easier than answering all of you guys.

A few fanatics, along with myself and many friends have used this lawyer for the past 5-6 years. He is extremely honest, competitive on price, and very loyal. I had a few tickets on which I will not go in depth on (they were bad), and he significantly helped me. I had a few other meetings with potential top lawyers who were promising (oh..6 point minimum after bargaining, you're looking at $2,500 initial payment, plus $600 an appearance, probably 5 appearances, :blah: :blah:) Lets just say I walked away with 3 points, and didn't even pay the initial payment amount, after a few appearances.

Let me just be clear here. DO NOT, call this gentleman if you are going to ask 5,000 questions and not follow through. A few unprofessional and immature fanatics have called, used up his generous time, and never followed up. When I speak with him, he scolds me a bit - but the other 50% have turned into repeat clients. Do not ruin this for others.

So before the name of this forum gets tarnished and he won't help you guys - I'm just saying it ahead of time. Use him wisely.

I have had 6 pt infractions turn into parking tickets.

He services all of NY, besides the city. The burrough is more a scheme for lawyers to take your money than to actually significantly help you. You are better off representing/plea bargaining for yourself.

So here is his information:

Neil Miller

Just say you are off the BMW forum. He is already familiar with you guys.


If anyone else has any hookups, please feel free to share!

Drive safe.
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