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hi all, i just recently joined here. hope to get to know you all well and get great advice and hopefully even be able to help some of you.

this is my 2nd bmw, a 2002 330ci. its not in perfect shape but that makes it all the more fun to work on and make it back into perfect shape, and plus some. ive had the car for about 2 months now and havent gotten much done to it so far. what i have done though is, 18 inch black and machined wheels, 2 3000 watt kenwood subwoofers, remote bass control.
my soon to do includes carbon fiber roundels and 330ci logos, with a carbon 330ci on each front fender near the floor board, headers, and exhaust. plus much much more in the future.
any input, advice or opinions are more than welcome

hope you all like
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