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Hi guys

I currently drive a toyota mr2 turbo and am looking at a bmw 330 convertible to replace this with. The one I have scene that is interested in doing a deal is an se auto looks nice and decent mileage. The questions I have are:-

The car has the earlier sat nav with the casette on the right hand side. Is it just plug and play to upgrade to the widescreen version? Also would I gain anything other than a bigger screen by doing this?

I would also like to add bluetooth handsfree to the car if I get it and would ideally like to do this through the standard headunit if possible. What would I need to do this and how much is it likely to cost?

Third and final thing is bodykit the car is an se how much can I get the msport kit for and how difficult is it to fit? Wheels is the last thing to bombard you with obvious choice is the mv2 from the m sport but what other choices are there available. i want to keep the car fairly subtle but not like everything else out there.

Sorry for the bombardment of questions on my introduction thread. Looks like a great forum you have here and hope to settle in and start giving back to the forum once I have learnt my way around the car.

thanks a lot

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