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My name is Jon.

I’m new to the BMW world as of two weeks ago. I picked up a 2005 330Ci and to my surprise after I bought it, I found out that she’s a ZHP. I didn’t even know that they existed and the best part is that neither did the dealer that I rescued her from. :D

I found out from BMW that she was immaculately maintained by the previous owner and that he (or she) was on the spot with all service points. She’s going to stay that way for the rest of her life too.

As for myself, I come from the 3000GT/Stealth world (3S for short). I’ve owned 3 3000GT’s (two of which have been VR4’s (the twin turbo AWD variety), an NA 3000GT, and an NA Stealth (which I still own). The most recent VR4 was totaled due to an accident exactly 2 weeks ago today so the parts from her are going into the Stealth to make a fun twin turbo FWD project.

I really like this forum so I hope to participate when I actually have something informative to say. Over all, I’m pretty impressed by E46 owners. It seems like a lot of people know a lot about them and the write-ups that I’ve read are surprisingly detailed :)

I do plan on modifying her to a small degree. Nothing major, mostly just visual stuff but I plan on getting her reflashed by a reputable local tuner at least (not with a shark injector, I forget the company). Of course, I’ve attached a picture of my new baby :)


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