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Hey all, I got my sub and amp installed last week. I got a 12" apline in a vented box powered by a 500/1 amp. Now my music sounds 100% better. I kept my factory head unit and speakers (non HK). All I can say is wow! I had my installer cut out the ski pass.

I do have one issue. My CD changer, like all of yours is in the trunk. Now everything works fine, until I listen to stuff like Benny Benassi. His hard and fast bass make my changer skip! How do you guys alieviate this from happening. I have the stock tape deck, so is my best bet to get a Business CD head unit up front for all my dance and electronica, and leave the changer in the trunk for my rock and punk?

Can I move my changer to the glove compartment, or will it be too big?


Dropkick 323i
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