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hello fanatics

i'm a proud owner of a used 2001 330xi
bought it used thru a used car dealership

its got harmon kardon stereo, winter package, sports package, but does not have Xenon lights

it has 49200 miles on it. production date is about 03/2001 and I don't have records of its maintainence history, nor do i have the Owner's manual, I have one key. I do have a VHS tape and a CD-ROM

Have a few questions:

BMW Warranty expires at 50,000 miles and i've noticed two minor items that need to be fixed.

1) Front driver headlight is out and the left turn (arrow) indicator blinks and bells twice as fast as the normal right turn (arrow) indicator. this is a minor problem, but will the dealership service fix this under warranty?

2) Can and will the BMW service dept pull up the past history of this vehicle if it has been to other BMW dealerships for routine maintainence and service?

3) Can I get a couple of keys and can they tell me the code for the business radio in case i need it or can i just get the keys made somewhere else?

4) Are there any items that I should mention to them to do or to check closely before the 50,000 miles warranty expires

5) Which performance mods would you recommend as the top 1, 2, and 3 to do to the BMW 330xi (Shark injector, CAI, etc)

6) I have an Alpine 9811 MP3/XM headunit that I would like to put in. It would probably look a bit out of place, but what do you suggest doing to get a new headunit?
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