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~new *mini* mods w00t (pics by e46Angemon)

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~new *mini* mods w00t ~

Lewis (e46 angemon) took great pics today but the files are too big to attach, so my shietty pics will have to do~

New *little mods*

DIY Shadow Grill
Benfer Cai (came w/ cf roundel stickers)
Compustar pager alarm system
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Re: Wow!

HaN-hAn said:
hey dude,

How did you attach the pager alarm to the bmw oem car alarm system? I am really curious!

i didn't have an oem alarm before~ i'm pretty sure u cannot attach this alarm to the oem one~

thanks for the compliments guys~
Nice car

Like the front lip. Very unique:thumbup:

BTW your alarm im insterested in it too:D

Which model did you get? 2WSS or 2WFM?

How much do you think it should be installed?

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Re: Nice car

halsugs said:
Like the front lip. Very unique:thumbup:

BTW your alarm im insterested in it too:D

Which model did you get? 2WSS or 2WFM?

How much do you think it should be installed?

thanks man~
mine is the 2wfmr model~ i believe this model is not sold in the states b/c it uses FM frequencey~ not 100% sure tho.;)
i paid 700 cdn installed which is roughly $400usd.. i got a really good deal :)
Thats an awesome alarm. Just a ? tho. If it doesnt use the OEM sensors how does it work? To they have to go and put in new sensors on the trunk/doors/hood?
I never believed in aftermarket alarm until today :).

Didnt know they have pager alarm hehe

One more thing to add to my mod list.

Thank you Gwai Tao. If not for you i would never know they existed
definitely nice choice of wheels.....
and another
you want more pics how bout this one
alright alright last one for now
Hijack city! :tongue:

Anyways Excellent pics and your car is begging for some sides and rear...something with sharp lines.

: lol.. yeh i love the visions.. the finish is amaazing!

~halsugs or any other questions about the alarm~

: as for the alarm, it does not hook up to the oem one. They actually install hood/door/trunk pins with the alarm so if anybody opens any of them, it will show you on the pager. The alarm also come with a pager system that u attach on the winshield of ur car. If u knock on it twice it will page u that someone is at ur car. The alarm also comes with a dual shock sensor, so if someone hits ur car litely (lets say a door ding) then the alarm will chirp 4 times. If someone hits it harder, the second stage shock sensor will be triggered and ur pager will alert u that the 2nd stage sensor has been triggered~ The alarm also has like 2 or 3 stage ignition kill and stuff~ its really c00l! The pager also has a indiglo lit background. The range is excellent (1 mile). My pager doesn't vibrate like the other models cause those ones are like twice the size of mine! so i recommend this one!..
The pager system also includes an AUTOSTART AND TURBO TIMER but i did not install this on my car YET b/c the place where i brought it to refused to install it on a manual car b/c they got in a lawsuit a few years back~ but yah, this alarm has everything!!!
over all really satisfied with this alarm and since its only a tiny bit more than the oem one, i got this one!

~Ultimate One~
: Thanks for the compliments! I was sooo close to getting magics but too many people have them in my city~ and i do have hamann sides sitting in my r00m and waiting for my reiger rear add-on to come in : ) I have hagus mirrors but the damn body shop cracked my mirrors so they have to reorder some new mirrors~

Thanks guys!
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