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Hey there, e46 fanatics! I made an account today because I am planning to swap an s54+420g into my pos e30 in the near future! :thumbsup:
I'll be using this forum mainly to ask technical questions and look for parts. I assume this would be the best forum for finding an s54 engine + other e46 m3 bits. I suppose my other alternative is eBay, but sellers are rarely helpful in answering questions...
I don't know much about e46s (although my first car was a '99 e46 328i haha), but I have done a fair bit of research on the s54 and I'm absolutely sold! At first I was thinking about settling for an m54b30, but I know down the road I'd want more hp/tq.
Anyway, if you catch me on the forums please go easy on me, as this would be my very first engine swap attempt. Daunting, but I am motivated to learn! Also, I probably won't be posting frequently (sellers- don't assume I am a scammer because of the low amount of posts! :) I'm mainly on r3vlimited anyway...
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