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Hi everyone,

My name is Ayrton, from Amsterdam. For the past year I've owned this E46 325i Touring and I recently started an automative brand named "Skwala" and under that name I do some detailing work and I plan on doing some nice merch and more.


Wheels I found on the internet and I reworked the interieur myself.


Steering wheel is custom made (@cmcustoms_nl) and a Rennstall Motorsport shift knob.


Was on the Supersprint website this morning, really looking to do a manifold + exhaust system. Any experiences people like to share, this to look out for? Also looking for different suspension. Not really liking what I have now, way to soft. being able to ride with 4 incl. driver is the goal. Was looking at bc racing but the site has to many options so I can't decide. other than that im just trying to restore the car as much as possible.

Well, thanks for reading and and lets talk!

@Skwala_nl on instagram

(the nice interior pic was by my friend @dominohs on Instagram)
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