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New Member... '04 M3 6MT

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Hello everyone,

Would like to introduce myself. I traded in my '02 E55 AMG today for an '04 M3. It's a Steel Gray Metallic on Black 6-Speed. I've had a quite a history with M3s (I wanted an E36 as my first car many years ago, and was on the waiting list when the E46 M3 was first due to come out).

So far I am really, really enjoying every aspect of the car, and hope to do so for time to come. It makes a nice compliment to my weekend warrior.

Here's a picture of me and my girlfriend (pictured) picking up the M3, and a picture of the weekend warrior, my 833rwhp '98 Supra Turbo 6-speed.

Best Regards,

'04 M3 6MT
'98 Supra 6MT
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nice rides man, all of them ;)
What's it like driving a car with 833rwhp on public roads?
Amalfi said:
What's it like driving a car with 833rwhp on public roads?
i doubt i could handle it
xiaonjohn said:
nice rides man, all of them ;)

nice rides. all 3 of them :thumbup: whoops 2 :eeps:
that supra is rediculous....welcome...wish i had a M3 :cry:
My god you baller! Nice looking Supra and an excellent M!!!
WOW and Welcome!

Congrats on your new purchase. You wont be disappointed. Would you mind if you could PM me some pics of that Supra?

Thanks and Welcome (once again)!
niL said:

nice rides. all 3 of them :thumbup: whoops 2 :eeps:
I love all of them. :yikes:
330ci dave said:
that supra is rediculous....welcome...wish i had a M3 :cry:
shut up your 2 young for an M
oh yea i m sorry and welcome bro
3 Great looking machines...and yes I mean 3 ;) hahah JP :p
E46325Ci said:
you traded in an e55 for an m3?
Yup. I think that what he had said. :)
First off, thanks to everyone for the warm welcome...


I get asked that question a lot (as you can imagine)... and to be honest it's really hard to describe. I typically run around on 20psi of boost (600-650rwhp) and at 31psi (my max) is where I make the 833rwhp. The way I have setup my Supra makes it surprisingly controlable under power and it's really a blast :)


Sure, I have quite a few from a recent photo shoot here:


Once again thanks for the compliments, on the cars and my girlfriend, I'm sure she'll be very flattered.


Yes, and while it's definitely not your typical swap, I've wanted an M3 for quite a while and while I'm on the hunt for a 2003+ E55 I figured why not spend the summer with an ///M. First off, I had recently hit the 30k mile mark on my '02 E55 and the value of it was dropping like a rock, so I needed to dump it before I really lost my shirt on it (although I really already did) - on top of that it was a bit too civilized at times for my tastes and it sometimes made me feel "old". Had it the 469hp (actually, 500hp) of the 2003+ E55 it would be a different story. My Supra is simply not capable of being a daily driver the way it's setup so I figured what better car than an M3 to give some practicality (back seat, etc) and a lot of overall performance to spruce up my daily driving.


'04 BMW M3 6MT
'98 Supra Turbo 6MT
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Can the Supra do it all well? I mean can it drag, autoX, track and drift? How's the reliability? How much did all those mods cost, including engine, tranny, drivetrain, suspension? Sorry for all the questions, but I find that car fascinating. Looks like you got it made! I'm happy for you and good luck with the M3. :thumbup:

edit - I was just looking at your website. How's a 3.0 inline 6 capable of making all that power? :yikes:
Steel Gray Metallic?? They don't offer that anymore. Yours is Silver Gray Metallic.
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