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new hood

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the hood looks nice, but you need more black on your car so it'll blend in more. thats just what i think. nice car none the less.
switch back to stock! that kills the entire look of your car :(
**** man, that hood nad your doors suck balls but i guess its cool for show so its alright :spit:
Its look ****ing nice as hell....!!!!!!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
i think it's so hot !!!!!! :thumbup:
where can I get the hood ???? and how much is that ???
will, ask manu, he will hook u up with the hood, :thumbup:
Paint the hood. Looks out of place right now. :dunno:
:drool: so nice, lovin it
RS6 said:
Paint the hood. Looks out of place right now. :dunno:
yeah, maybe paint the hood and leave the power dome
never been a fan of that hood.... but with the extreme mods that you have it llooks good.
The first round of pics of that car before that hood made me :drool: and :bawling: cuz its not fair, hehe! the new hood for me is: eh :dunno:
Looks hot.. painting the hood, maybe just part of it would look sweet.. Whats up with the stock wheels? Getting something new?
what the hell is it with painting a "design" on a cf hood just to show that its cf. Its even uglie then having a full cf hood in the first place.
i say paint the hood...that would look hard :thumbup: looks good bro...keep it up

1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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