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New H7 Battery

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I needed a new battery and just went to O'Reilly's as I didn't want to deal with Walmart. It seems obvious that both of these batteries came off the same assembly line. The EverStart that I replaced lasted for 35 months.

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Need to buy an H7 (or size 94) AGM battery for wife's car today....Costco it is for $175 plus core..

It's 6 degrees outside and wife's original battery (AGM from factory) is 8 yrs old and starting to act up...

Walmart is usually my go-to for batteries, but none in my area had the Ever Start AGM

EDIT: I did buy a battery from Costco, unfortunately it had a 4/21 manufacture date...I don't like buying them that old...
I wouldnt get too fussed about AGM myself.
I would generally agree, but wife's 2014 MB came from the factory with AGM and has electronics and charging to support it. Further, the price difference between AGM and wet-cell ($50 or less) has declined somewhat since AGM's first came out.

This is the only AGM battery I own.
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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