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New H7 Battery

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I needed a new battery and just went to O'Reilly's as I didn't want to deal with Walmart. It seems obvious that both of these batteries came off the same assembly line. The EverStart that I replaced lasted for 35 months.

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Sure looks similar. Price?
$150 at Walmart, $190 at O'Reilly's. But the O'Reilly's warranty is for a full three years and is not prorated.
Probably did. There's really only a couple battery manufacturers left. Most everything I've bought in the US is manufactured by Johnson Controls. Case is probably the same but the internals might have slightly different chemical and material differences that accounts for the price (and warranty) differences.
That'd be great. The cashier at O'Reilly's was certain it will last 10 years.
you put H7 in convertible? i recently replaced the O'Reilly super start with the walmart H6 as cheap get by option since the H7 didn't appear to fit my factory convertible battery compartment.
Huh? Then it can't be a factory tray in there is my only guess.
just got same battery at Walmart as my previous one from them one size smaller left me for dead 6x's towards the end of less than 1 year owning it--to their credit they replaced for free, Jer
I really can't fault the battery unless the Walmart ones are just cheap. My car sits for up to two weeks sometimes. I didn't drive it for 13 days recently and when I went to go somewhere, it did start but seemed 'weak' when it first cranked. Three days later, same thing. Three days after that, just click, click, click. Less than 15 minutes on the charger got me started and on my way to O'Reilly's.
Only problem is that you have to pay for return shipping.
And be without a battery for all that time.
With the FCPEuro return policy, you buy the second, replacement part first, then return the first (now defective) part to get a refund of the price paid for the second part.
Great deal but it can't be cheap to UPS a battery.
I think the convertibles can also use the H8 size.
Nope. The Cabriolet has as smaller battery compartment.
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That might not be the battery's fault.
Which is precisely why I said I couldn't really blame the battery.
Put your battery on a maintainer when parked.
Or just drive it once a week.
Walmart is also 3 y free replacement warranty
But they pro-rate the value of the battery you return based on the time left in your warranty. I had a month left - probably would have been given a $5 credit. Someone correct me if I'm wrong please.
I meant that it might not just be the age of the battery that is causing it to lose a charge. High on teh list of possible reasons, but not the only one.
There is a mileage device in the car that draws a small current but that device has a battery in it as well. It's not been an issue until now - 3 years down the road and in the middle of winter. I probably could have charged the battery fully and been OK for a while but dropping $190 for a new battery wasn't going to break me.
...weak alternator...
The battery was 35 months old albeit with low mileage. The Alternator has less than 1700 miles on it. We're in our coldest season here now with temps dipping below freezing last month. I don't drive very much so neglect is my biggest contributing factor to ageing a battery before its time. I may get in the habit of slapping the charger on it once a week for a few hours throughout winter. In the summer, I have a solar charger I can plug into the cigarette lighter port.
I didnt realize you had hijacked the thread. OP had eight year old battery.
I'm the OP and the battery was 35 months old.
Put your battery on a maintainer when parked.
I'm thinking I'll just get in the habit of putting it on the charger every Sunday for 6 hours in the winter/colder months.
Cheapest battery prices in SoCal are Excide batteries from Home Depot just picked up a h7 for a friend a few weeks ago for 89.
Huh? Those are $139 here in the PNW.

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