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New H7 Battery

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I needed a new battery and just went to O'Reilly's as I didn't want to deal with Walmart. It seems obvious that both of these batteries came off the same assembly line. The EverStart that I replaced lasted for 35 months.

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I bought an H8 for my cab in error. Seems to me I discovered the error when I tried to install it. Any, back to Costco for H7.
I really can't fault the battery unless the Walmart ones are just cheap. My car sits for up to two weeks sometimes. I didn't drive it for 13 days recently and when I went to go somewhere, it did start but seemed 'weak' when it first cranked. Three days later, same thing. Three days after that, just click, click, click. Less than 15 minutes on the charger got me started and on my way to O'Reilly's.
That might not be the battery's fault.
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Costco USA isnt as good a deal as Canada. But it is Saturday.
I wouldn’t get too fussed about AGM myself.
I would generally agree, but wife's 2014 MB came from the factory with AGM and has electronics and charging to support it. Further, the price difference between AGM and wet-cell ($50 or less) has declined somewhat since AGM's first came out.

This is the only AGM battery I own.
I meant a regular battery will do just fine in a pinch, But yes, for under $50, I might do it.
Which is precisely why I said I couldn't really blame the battery.

Or just drive it once a week.
I meant that it might not just be the age of the battery that is causing it to lose a charge. High on teh list of possible reasons, but not the only one.
I replace batteries at five years. YMMV. I wouldn't trust an eight year old battery in winter so I totally agree with your move. My point was, there are other factors such as parasitic draw, weak alternator, faulty cables, too many short trips, to name a few, that will drain even a new battery.
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I didnt realize you had hijacked the thread. OP had eight year old battery.
Below freezing. Pshaw. -17F here overnight. My E91 was not interested in starting today. Battery chager hooked up. Risk of battery freezing if discharged.
I'm the OP and the battery was 35 months old.
Humble apologies. it was that rascal eff-D who confused me.
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