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New H7 Battery

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I needed a new battery and just went to O'Reilly's as I didn't want to deal with Walmart. It seems obvious that both of these batteries came off the same assembly line. The EverStart that I replaced lasted for 35 months.

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Huh? Those are $139 here in the PNW.

Probably has gone up like everything else! Double checked with the person who purchased the battery last night and I was off by 10 it was 99 at the time came out to just under 115 out the door. Still at 139 now way cheaper then 200 everybody else is charging!! Had a friend I sent over buy a h8 for his Audi in Nov and at the time the price was 104.. Inflation sucks!!
That is inexpensive.

How well do they hold up?
Looks like from others price has gone up to 139 still way cheaper!! Haven’t had one fail in the 5 my friends and I have purchased in the last 3 years. They have the standard 3/5 national warranty. The only problem you run into is since they do not come up on internet search’s the batteries are generally at least a few months old. Last one in Dec. was 6 month’s. Just charged for 2 hours and ready to go..
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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