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New guy in VA saying hi

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Hello everyone,

I have been a long time car guy and have recently added a 2004 E46 M3 to the stable. Something about the E46 chassis just feels right. It shares a garage with an 1989 325i (Manual) and I used to own a 2007 335i (Manual) until recently.

Some changes since purchasing the car are:
  • Modbargains grille black out package with custom S54 emblems on the side. (Fits like factory)
  • SMG to Manual conversion performed by EuroMpire in NC.
  • Rear subframe reinforcement and full Polyflex bushing upgrade for the rear done by EuroMpire in NC.
  • New muffler from TopGear in the UK. Sounds perfect for what I was trying to accomplish. I may weld in a resonator in the section 1, or I might leave it as is.
Some changes/upgrades I plan to do:
  • APEX ARC-8 Wheels
  • Coilovers
  • Vanos with upgraded hub.
Thanks for all the resources to help in making the purchase. See you on the forum,


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Hello and welcome to the club. Interesting color.
Thank you. It is listed as "BMW-SILBERGRAU METALLIC" on the shock tower. It seems to change color depending on the lighting.
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Love the car! In VA as well. Chesapeake. Welcome!

This is my first BMW and I am absolutely in love with the E46 chassis. If I won the lottery I'd do make this car brand new, and maybe stuff an supercharged M3 on it right away with other needed upgrades!
I don't tend to like silver/gray but that lighting makes it look gorgeous.
Great looking M3. You have been busy fixing it. You should be very happy with it for a long time.
Got any pics of your e30? Fun little rides those are.
Thanks everyone. I am around the Richmond area. E30 is the project car currently in the middle of a sunroof delete. Needs some paint but it is a solid car.
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