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Probably most complex job I have done so far. Couple of months ago car would go into a safe mode, 3 lights etc.. Code 1500 - idle control valve stuck open. Valve cleaned, then replaces, no change. Next step a new wiring harness.
After I was done car wouldn't start :ben:, quick scan revealed no connection to car's DME. Turns out DME connectors have to be removed and replaced one by one, in sequence. Did that, car started but idle was rough :banghead:: hose - which i think is an oil separator - detached itself. Reconnected and car runs like new.
While at it I also replaced water pump, rad, starter, etc etc etc.
For those of you who have some strange / random electrical issues - wiring harness is a likely cause. Mine looked fine, nothing obviously cracked or broken, but it did keep triggering code 1500 / safe mode.
If you contemplate replacing harness feel free to drop me a line
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