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Hey guys. I think I should open a new dealership. This is what happens when I get together my friends. Sadly, my girlfriend and 3 other friends with BMW's were busy, or we could have run all the way into the street. Just thought I'd post pics cuz I was bored. Maybe someone will show some love. I drove that z4 today...2.5 liter... 5spd... sport mode.... it's quick. I like it... for a convertible.

Anyways check this out. Also, black cat on my car... BMWERKEN and Godfather86 thought it would make a cool picture.... then they laughed at me for snapping pics in someone's front yard of my car. I'm a loser...

BMW of Saratoga ;)

Everyone knows all the cool kids sport jet black 3's with 18" rims, Eyelids, and Phosphyre Halos ;)

Uh oh... bad luck. I should shut up cuz I actually got lost in a really bad neighborhood on my way home :lmao:

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