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Hello, just registered on the site, although I've been reading it for a while... don't want the mod bug to strike :eeps:

Quick question for you guys: I had my brakes changed (both pads and rotors - at around 54K km). Couple of days ago when parking indoors I heard a great big squeak coming from the driver's side rear wheel, proportionnal to my speed... called the dealer and hopped on over in the afternoon for a quick check: the service guy stood besides the car and confirmed that it was coming from the rear wheel, and showed me a very thin (1 mm) line of rust all around the rotor, and told me that it was normal to the humidity, and that that was the source of the noise.
This monring that squeaking was even louder, and I'm wondering: did they change the pads and/or rotor material since 2000 which would explain the noise, or is the service guy full of it and is there another problem that someone has seen before concerning this?

Thanks for your help!!!
I would post a pic of my ride, but it would pale in comparison to all the cool mod'ed rides you guys show in this place ... only thing I have is an alu knob...
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