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I have two queries

1) I'm about to install vdo gauges and I'm confused on the oil presure and temperatures senders diameter.I've asked our local dealer and I was told that the BMW ETK CD doesn't make any refference on the diameter of these.The vdo dealer told me that in order to get the proper I must have the correct diameter.Can anyone help?
2)I have just bought electric leather sports sheets with memory, M3 electric mirrors with memory as well and rear electric sunshade.
I have to buy the proper switches and wires from BMW and the local dealer is pissed because I bought these from elsewere 2nd hand and not brand new from them and is not very much helpfull.
Can anyone help me with the serial numbers of the switches and wires and is there any ideas on installing??
Thank you
:confused: :confused: :confused:
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