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Ok. I sat down and talk to my audio guy to day and I told him what I wanted and if he had anything that could do it. He said he could do it all no problem. But I just want to have him install it. I don’t want to buy the stuff he was telling me to get because its way more than I want to spend.

So cheep rout…. I made up a diagram of what I am thinking the end project will look like. But I don’t know what to buy.

To Start off I am getting a 7 inch screen that has the basics built in. like 2 inputs / 1 out. Speaker. Channels and remote for TV turner…. But I don’t want to change inputs on the screen it self. I want to hard wire it to a button. So I really only need 1 input.

So my audio guy told me I need an AV switch. Now what kinds of AV switchs are there? What do they cost? And can I hard wire them to a button?

Second I saw these IR headphones at the good guys that I was thinking of using to output my sound. My audio guy was talking about outputting the sound on a FM Modulator. How does that work?

Ok last question. TV tuner. The TV has a remote to change TV channels. So does the turner. Ok? What one works? I can’t see the TV being able to change channels not connected to the TV turner. I would say the channels have to be changed at the turner it self. How do these thing work?

Again my audio guy was trying to sell me a 5” screen that was a single input only. And with that I can see how it works. But will I have any problems going with a TV that has muli inputs and using only one? I like the idea better because I can get a 7” screen for less than the 5.6” screen he was trying to sell me.

Here is my ICE goal.


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