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Okay i need to know for sure and please guys help me on this cuz i cant find enough info to be sure but I'd want to know if these types of suspension kits are avaliable for the 330XI cuz i know they are for other e46's but not positive for the 330XI.

1)Dinan stage3 suspension

2)Alpina Sports Suspension

3)AC Schnizter sports suspension

And if u guys could give me as much info as possible on it that would be the best cuz im tryin to lower my car when I hopefully get my rims for my bday but the reason id want a whole suspension kit is because not only do i want the best handling possible but i also want the car to have the best quality drop with some extra stuff that those suspension kits come with.

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Dinan is coming out with a suspension. They keep the stock front shocks, though, so I question its quality.

There is an H&R Coilover kit...
There is a KW Coilover kit...
330xiA is running a setup using H&R springs and Ohlins shocks that he claims is superior to H&R coilovers.

I don't know if Alpina or ACS actually offer suspension solutions for the xi.
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