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OK, first off, I DID use the search function! :lmao:
My airbag light just came on and I find myself needing a tool that will reset the SRS light, AND help me find what the problem is. (I suspect the passenger mat, but we'll see.)
Peake SRS tool apperently wont work for my 2004. I was even willing to order the thing and try it with the hope that it may work, and would sell it to one of you guys if it didnt. But they wont even sell it to me.:facepalm:
Carsoft will do what I need, but I would REALLY like something that can program the lights and door lock.
Bavarian Technic. I cant find anything on this one, other than the Man. website. Any of you guys have experience with this software? There is almost nothing the Fanatics website.
AutoEnginuity- very similar to Carsoft. Anyone with experience with this one please speak up.

The last three are all roughly the same $$$.... so it just boils down to personal preference and the experience you guys have. So please help.:thumbsup:

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Nothing? Zero, Zilch,Nada??? Dang it.

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you dont have much options for resetting the SRS light. first option would to go to bmw and have them hook up the GT1 tool. it will reveal which restrait is causing the problem and once fixed, it can also reset it for you.

another option (which is not cheap ~ $249 + $229) is to purchase or borrow the Autoenginuity scan tool and also enhance interface option for BMW.

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Reset Airbag Light
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Reset Oil Service Light (for all 9/2000+ models)
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