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Need specifications for the ZF Steptronic

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BMW USA pleads ingnorance and refers me to the local dealerships but the inverse is true for the dealerships! I need to know what kind of torque/hp the ZF in my 2002 330i is capable of handling - please advise!
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Thanks to Amir for sharing this info...

Dear Amir,

Thanks again for your interest in ZF Industries, Inc., especially in the spare parts program for BMW 5-speed automatic transmissions.

According to your information (2001 BMW 330i) the transmission in your vehicle is a 5HP19 and the specification number is 1060 000 010. The 5HP19 transmissions are rated with up to 350Nm (or 259 lb. ft.) of input torque and the 3.0L engine is the biggest engine used with ZF 5HP19 transmissions. Unfortunately, maximum horse power information about the 5HP19 transmissions
are not available.

One of the most important aspects for the life of the transmission is the engine management system. This system reduces the amount of torque applied to the transmission during up-shifts. If you install the supercharger without changing the engine management system, your are likely to damage the transmission. Without re-calibrating the engine management system, I do not
recommend the installation of the supercharger.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Passenger Car Transmissions
Axel Blaschke - Regional Sales Manager, AM
Email: [email protected]
www.zf-group.com <http://www.zf-group.com>
ak330i said:
the ZF 5HP19 can handle at least 305bhp. Alpina B3S uses the same tranny.
Makes sense. ZF says the transmission is rated at 260 lb-ft, and suppose the maximum rpm for the tranny is 6500 rpm.

HP = torque (in lb-ft) x rpm / 5252

260 x 6500 / 5252 = 322 HP

However the power rating isn't as significant as the torque rating as power is an artificial figure and torque is what really gets transmitted thru the tranny.
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