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Hey all,

I have been changing my center console from sand to black. Everything went well, except for smackin my face taking off the steptronic shifter-duh.

Now, I need 3 last parts so I wrap this part of my addiction up.

1 parking brake shifter boot - black leather (have sand)
2 coin/cupholder insert - black (have sand) ( 51 16 9 415 186 I THINK)
3 rear console ashtray(black) - is there ANYTHING other than an ashtray I can put there? I don't smoke(cigarettes).

Cheers and thanks!


btw, here is the photos of the parts I replaced:


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You got the right part number there for the coin/cupholder insert, and the part # for the shift boot is: 25 11 1 434 426 for the black leather. As far as I can see the ashtray is all i can find to fit in that spot, sorry. Verify these with your dealer when you order!
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