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Hello guys,
my name is Daniel,just joined the forums but I've been reading for quite
a long time now.
But I need a new clutch and I could use your help. Haven't found a
thread that has helped me yet.

I have a manual 2001 330ci. Whenever I would launch the car, i would get a weird smell that would come from the engine bay and sometimes I could smell it in the cabin. On one occurance, i popped the hood, check the engine bay, and saw my power steering reservoir had shot some power steering fluid. Being unexperienced, I figured this was the culprit.
I later upgraded wheels and tires, from 205s all round, to 225s up front and 265s in the rear (yes, 265s). After launching the car later on with these tires, the smell came back, and it came back strong. I started to think it could be something with the transmission since after launching, my rpms would hold at 5000rpm for a split second, then continue to rise, sounding as if I was riding the clutch or something, which I wasn't. I figured my clutch was burning up.
With further inspection and expertise from my father and a friend that works at the world famous Active Autowerkes, we came to the conclusion I had a burning clutch. Now this only happens when i launch the car hard, launching at 3000k seems to give the clutch some give,surprisingly. With these much wider and stickier tires, they obviously put a lot of stress on the clutch.

I am a young kid with not much money (still a senior in highschool). What would be an affordable and quality clutch kit that's a bit of an upgrade from stock?
I am interested in a link to a stock BMW clutch replacement as well for comparison. As much as the race car driver I want to be, I don't need a stage 3 clutch kit rated for crazy high HP numbers. Just something a tad better than stock. QUALITY AND AFFORDABLE.

My car is only launched at OCCASIONAL drag strip days, which is only once a month, I don't go every month, and not many passes go down. My launches often occur when I'm bored or testing things out. But generally, launching doesn't occur too often as I know the abuse the car takes when doing so.
More often, a spirited yet respectful driving style :)

Sorry for the long thread but...
Thank you very much for reading and taking your time to help. It is much appreciate.

P.S. Yes, the 265s did rub, fenders are rolled a little, they fit now with occasional rubbing. 255s are a perfect fit with no rub which is what ill be changing to soon. Our E46s can fit wider tires than we think :thumbup:
Thanks again
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