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Hello guys..
So I just purchased E83 for my 2nd car and i need to install INPA and get it running properly.

For some reason I feel PCs are a whole different language for me now and I'm having issues with the os. I installed INPA about 4 different times from various sources and i cannot connect to the car. The program runs but just stops working the moment i try to choose the application.

Up to now I've been using pa soft 1.4 on all my e46s and I've never had a problem, this works partially on the e83 but doesn't read dme. So therefore I need INPA.

Anyone local to Toronto that can help me out in person?? I'll meet up anywhere and we can have a beer or two and get this done.

Pls pm me if you're available.. I feel very vulnerable without a software for my car lol
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