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Hi guys,

I have just finished editing a ten minute video clip of the Merdeka Milliennium Endurance Race 2003 which was held in the Sepang F1 formula track in KL, Malaysia. 30th August this year.

The video clip has quite a few cars which you guys might be interested to see. Namely, Porsche GTs, Radicals, Evos, TVRs, WRX and of course, one FREAKING fast and loud, M3 GT powered by Amprex, which is a professional malaysian team which takes parts in JGTC races in Japan and in other parts of the world. It's a pretty interesting 10 minute clip with highlights from the event.

Before i share it with you guys, i was hoping some of you would host the video for me. The video size is 48.3 MB in size and requires the latest DIVX codec available from DIVX.COM. It's in a .avi format.

I'm based in Singapore so it's pretty hard for everyone in the USA or eslewhere to get the stuff, so it'd be good if you have a server which supports unlimited bandwidth. The more mirrors, the better.

If you do, please EMAIL me at [email protected]

I will provide you the URL to download this video and you can host away.

Some of the screen shots that are in the video. It shows a cool segment of the M3 GT doing a pit scene and driver change.

Anyone can help?

If not, please help to bump this thread.

I really want to release the video, but i don't have the bandwidth to get hammered. :(


teaser above. sound of the M3 GT rushing past the pitwalls at 200+ km/hr, 3 metres away.


main video is 50 meg only.
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