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Hi Everyone!

My car had the Hi-Fi sound system with Amp in the trunk.

When I bought the car the previous owner had replaced only the amp with an aftermarket amp + 4 speakers (2 woofers front doors + 2 deck) and wired it on the previous harness from the original amp.

Friend of mine gave me one HK Amp + the 4 mid's + 2 subwoofers.

Questions is:

1 - Can I just wire the new HK Amp wire colour to wire colour from the previous harness from the original hi-fi amp to the HK?

2 - How can I wire the subwoofers since even in the hi-fi system it does not come with it?

I suppose the mid's will work just fine... I will plan to find the 4 big speakers for front doors and deck.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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