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Need help removing intake manifold.

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Okay so far I've got all sensors unplugged; injectors unplugged, all visible manifold bolts removed. The manifold is loose and moves pretty freely but it won’t come off. It's really bugging me. I know there's a few of you that have done this so I was hoping you could help. I would really appreciate any help you guys can give me. For now I just want to get the manifold off and Ill buy the manual later when I put it back on. I know. I know… Way to think ahead. Tia.

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okay here is where it gets fun,
1. support engine from below with 2x4 and stand, prefferibly with engine hoisted slightly higer than normal.
2. remover passenger side engine mount and ground cable
3. remove center section of exhaust if not already
4. manifolds should drop out at this time, might need to lift engine slightly higher.
5. if replacing with headers, they will require a little puzzle work i.e.. turning and twisting in odd angles to get them te fit together
6. remember to attach all senors prior to bolting up securly as you will not have the room after.

hope this helps, BMW has a special tool that lifts the engine from above while supporting it from the frame.
oops you ment intake, sorry thats for the exhaust side. i haven't removed the intkae side yet, but seems like it should be a visable problem:dunno: sticky gasket?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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