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hi, i have a non-HK stereo on the 01 325i. but i'm going to took out all the MB Quart speakers, Phoenix Gold Titanium 500.4 amp, PPI 300.2 amp and JL W1 sub from my E36 328i and put them on the 325i. I know the PPI amp and JL sub is not powerful enough. I may change them later.
1. is there any fitting problem for the speakers?
2. will i suffer from the sound quality from a stock cd player? i don't want to get an aftermarket cd player as it just looks out of place with the dash layout IMO. I know a good headunit is important. but i just can't find something that fits into the dash nicely (except the one that i put the whole LCD screen and move the AC control unit down).
3. I forgot the models for the MB Quart speakers. it's been in my car for more than 3 years. nothing wrong with it. but should i get a new set of speakers? maybe newer technology and better SQ?

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