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Hello Members,
I am pretty new to this forum and still do not know what should I be scared off and run away. Reading multiple posts from members who bought the car and ran into issues right after makes me concerned. I need help to identify the flaws in the M3 I am considering to buy. Owner looks pretty straight up and a chilled guy, he agreed to get a PPI done from Edge Motorworks in Mountain View and the report is something I need to be concerned about. I will appreciate if you cane see the below list came out in the PPI and advice/comment the once which you are familiar with/cheap/non-issues from you past experience. Some which seems like a non issue to me I have already GREEN and the once scare me are highlighted in RED.

Details about the car:
2002 e46 M3
Asking Price 21K
65K Miles
Harman Kardon
OEM CSL Wheels
Magna Flow
OEM LED tail lights
Inspection II was done
SMG pump was replaced around 30K

PPI Report:
Check overall condition
-rear tail lights and corners appear non oem
-M mobility kit missing
-aftermarket battery 01/10 date code
-trunk button does not pop trunk up....have to pull up
-passenger mirror does adjust up and down
-drivers window regulator noisy
-checked for dme faults
-014, dmtl module 12k miles ago
-105, engine temp signal 1400 miles
-177, mil lights due to prompt from smg 470 miles
-068, smg safety concept 460 miles
-smg056, on period hyd unit 109k kilo
-smg098, sensor voltage 107k kilo

-wipers ateraking
-fan shroud missing fastener
-K&N intake, carb legal
-passneger side missing carbon fiber caliper cover
-cabin filter dirty
-frotn timing cover/vanos area seeping
-poss. valve cover leak/seep
-pinion seal leaking
-trans seeping/leaking from fill & drain plugs

-belt tensioner original
-belts cracking badly
-all brakse at 8mm
-brake fluid over 4% moisture
-r/r exhaust hanger torn
-aftermarket exhaust hits crossmember
-trailing arm bushings tearing - and no shims
-rear shock mounts tearing
-lcabs cracking

-rec. check alignment
-flex disc original
-engine & trans mounts original
-tires inner edge worn
-rear view mirror oil leaking

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Any body knows a reputed shop/guy in bay area who can look into all the issues
1. A complete fluid change on every fluid on the car
2. Replace all the bushings
3. Check/Fix the leaks

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If you still buy this car after a PPI report like this you are asking for problems. Why isn't the shop that did the PPI reputable to quote you on the work. That should be included with their PPI.

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Hi Forum members, thank you for all the feedback about the car. I decided to pass on the LSB car and instead bought this very well maintained stay tuned for a full introduction :thanks:
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