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Ok, so heres the deal.

When I bought this M3, it was listed as a Nav model, but had a business class stereo in it (not even hooked up since its not possible):facepalm:. Here comes the journey of discovering how ****ing propiatary BMW is. I purchased a OEM sat nav unit, and then discovered I need the computer (Which was also missing) for it to even work more than just semi lighting up. This is starting to become very costly, and I'm about to throw in the towel.

So heres my idea. Scrap the Nav system all together. Sell the head unit, and Nav harness, and buy the HK business cd harness. This way it opens me up to all sorts of different units and I wont be stuck with outdated OEM electronics. So what Im wondering is....

1. Is it worth it to switch to business class harness?

2. How much work (Ive heard its quite a bit) is it going to be, and has anyone done this in reverse of the retrofit? I've searched all around on here to find *My problem* and havent found anything.

3. Is anyone in my area willing to help me undergo this monumental task?:D

4. Or just rip it all out and go the way of the CSL in that aspect.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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