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This is an open invitation to anyone who's up for teaming up to go see the 2009 FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX!!!

So my lone present to myself every year is taking a trip to see a Formula 1 race in person... It used to be easy in years past when there was a US GP and a Canadian GP within driving distance from New Jersey... With those gone, I'd resorted to flying to my old office in Istanbul for the last two years to see the Turkish GP... Two straight years out on Turn 8 was awesome, but now I need a change!

This year marks the first time in many many years that Brazil isn't closing up the F1 season... Abu Dhabi has been given that privilege for 2009, and they've gone all out, building a multi-billion dollar track out on Yas Island. Formula 1 Mecca would be a good way to describe it!!! http://www.formula1.com/races/in_detail/abu_dhabi_823/circuit_diagram.html

Here's the deal... If you're new to traveling to Formula 1 from the NJ/NY area, there's probably no better way to experience a race then at a brand new facility, on the final race of the season... The theatrics involved are sure to be incredible!

DETAILS for anyone who wants to go:

I'm planning on taking the non-stop on Etihad Airways flight 100 from JFK at 11pm on Thursday October 29th... That arrives the following day in Abu Dhabi.

The best value package deal in my opinion is at the Le Méridien Abu Dhabi
Trust me, you won't be disappointed... The place is a beach resort on the water...

Saturday, October 31st is qualifying
Sunday, November 1st is race day

Monday, we'd take the non-stop back @10:35 am to JFK

Things you will need to take this trip...

Some sunblock for your sunblock...
2000 bucks
A passport in hand

A VERY RESPECTFUL ATTITUDE (you'd be traveling to an Islamic Constitutional Monarchy)... They are very welcoming to Western tourists and want you to enjoy your stay when you are in the Emirates, but under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do they fvck around when it comes to illegal sh*t and mouthy Americans!!! We're all big boys and girls here, you've got to act like it for real when you go over there...

Things you must be aware of if you have never been in an Islamic country...
I can't stress this enough... Unless you are of Arab decent, or are a Muslim, you will have to be understanding and respectful of the culture of this destination.
Though it's not something to generally worry about, you must be aware that you will stick out as a target to some people while you are in the UAE...
BY FAR the vast majority of the people of the UAE are extremely courteous and friendly people, but you have to be vigilant of your surroundings.
Security will be VERY high for this race... Like I'd said before, they don't take chances when it comes to safety in the UAE, simply because you can never be too cautious when they're dealing with such large gatherings of people.
You really don't have to worry though... I'm a red, white, and blue blooded American, and I've never had issues traveling in the Middle East.

In general, if you can afford to take this trip you should...
The venue and the country are seriously awe inspiring!!!
The race is going to be something for the history books...

If you are seriously interested in going, shoot me a PM...
The sooner we can book this, the better...
Must have cash in hand now, and be ready to book immediately.
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