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A buddy of mine has a I-stick or something with a similar name. Basically a 10 gig MP3 player. He wanted to know if there are any head units out there with an Input station that he could plug that into?

Thanks guys.


modder fokker
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or you could add
this device has a input
HPX – In-Dash Processor/Crossover
High Definition Expansion (HDE) Circuit to compensate for speaker locations and compression technologies like MP3

4 channel 2-way 24 dB/octave electronic crossover

Signal sensing display – you can customize the lens!!

Stereo 1/8” input jack

Subwoofer Level Control

13 Volt Peak Line Driver

Switchable backlight Illumination (Green or Amber)

Speaker level inputs

Balanced Differential Inputs

High Headroom PWM Switching Power Supply

Master Volume Control

Front / Rear Fader

One-half DIN size chassis

Black Chassis only
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