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this question is for people who *have* the nav-tv mod (or something comparable).

[i have the nav sys, and plan to get the nav-tv w/dvd player mod someday...]

how is the tv reception? i'd like to be able to watch (i mean listen to ;) ) tv while going on a long drive. a good time would be when i'm stuck in traffic at night, on my way home - i'd like to catch the news or something.

i also want the ability to pop in a movie on a long road trip - or even music video...

so is the nav-tv really as easy to install as it is advertised?
if i could save a few hundred $$ installing it myself, i'd be more inclined to get it.

i have a 03 330 xi - will i have to remove the rear bumper to install some antenna?

how hard is it to mount a dvd player on the *top* of the inside of the trunk? will i have to drill new holes into metal?

were there any tools that you found you needed but didn't have? like what?

thanks for your inputs!
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