Selling my natural brown interior with everything you need to convert a black interior to natural brown, otherwise you need carpets and dash. Lets talk condition

Front seats: 9.5/10. I think you'll be challenged to find a cleaner set outside of a garage queen. These are from my current car, which was a garage queen. I replaced with seats from a 2 series.
Side panels: 9/10. they need a proper clean but then they're excellent. I don't have proper leather cleaners or know how...
Rear seats 7.5/10. Also need a clean to bring it to an 8.5. I just lack proper cleaners. The top has a minor tear on the top of the fold down seat (see photos) but if you're like me, you never look back there. Potentially could be fixed too. I digress.

If you're looking for EVERYTHING you need to convert your coupe to one of the most beautiful interior colors, look no further! More photos on request. $1,200 OBO

LOCATION: SF BAY AREA. No I won't ship, I'm really sorry. I would love to ship, but this is a logistical nightmare and above my skillset to safely get it anywhere. You have to come here to see it (happy to send photos and video) because I can't fit the entire interior in my only E46.