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N42B20 EWS to work with M52TUB20

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I've used WinKFP to match the DME's vin number with my ABS module.
However, by doing that, the EWS got activated and the engine doesn't want to start.

November 2020, I did an engine swap with which I didn't receive the EWS.

When the WinKFP process has completed, I used INPA to check for errors, I had an EWS error.
So I think, with the new update, the EWS is now turned ON again.

Is there a way to modify the BIN file to turn off the EWS ?
I would also like to turn off the "automatic gearbox" module from the DME.

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Have you tried syncing the ews with inpa? I would assume you would have to do that if you have changed the vin on the unit, also alternatively like above follow the wiki on patching the bin with an ews bypass.

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Yeah i tried it.
When I reset it, it says "ews and dme doesn't match"
I try to store, it says ews already contains value.
Yeah im not sure on that one then, easiest thing that I would personally do would be to just bypass the ews using the wiki patch

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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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