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I've got a set of Blizzak MZ-01s on my '00 328i (car has SP, I am running 205/55R16s for winter though, which I believe is the smallest size I can fit on the car) and am absolutely not impressed with them. They have great dry road handling, and do ok on the ice.....but they stink at snow/slush as far as I'm concerned....they seem to float really badly in turns, and the acceleration/braking grip is very marginal. I realize this is still a fairly large footprint tire for a light car.

I've had the WS-50 on two previous cars, and I have a set on a 740iL in the house right now that absolutely ROCKS in the snow (granted it weighs twice as much as the 328:)......I'm thinking the "tradeoff" that was made to increase dry road handling between the MZ-01 and the WS-50 decreases snow traction pretty considerably as a result.

Anyone second these thoughts??

How do those of you running WS-50s on your E46s like them??

(I thought I was in the wheel/tire forum when I posted this, moderators please move this:)

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