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Mystery Wire!!!

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Today on "What is this?!" we have a mysterious pink wire in my trunk.

A little background: Recently went to the dealer to get the airbag recall done. They checked the computer and the taillight recall was also in the system and they said they could take care of both recalls at the same time. Cool, I was having issues with the taillights and was wondering if I could still get the recall done. Anyway, he day goes by, I call back in to see about my car, and they say there's some weird wiring going on on the passenger taillight that is affecting the completion of the recall. Weird. Long story short, they figured it wasn't an issue, finished the recall and I left with my car.

So that leads to today's post. I've attached photo's of the mystery wire. The tech told me that BMW didn't do the work because they don't use pink wires. The wire, or the wire it's connected to, is connected to the Park Distance Control (???). Up until know I had thought it was weird that it wasn't behind any panels. I'm thinking my parking sensors might be aftermarket now? Because while I have an aftermarket entertainment system (came with the car, don't know when or who put it in), why would that be connected to the taillights?

Thoughts? Guesses? What could it do?


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unplug it and see what happens!
:hmm: Maybe there was a back up camera on the car. May have been reverse power to activate the camera.
Definitely not factory. It's a power lead. It goes to something. Luckily the "installer" used a fuse.
Can be anything from reverse cam, aftermarket parking sensors, sat radio module (you'll have other wires hanging around tho), I'd look if it's patched somewhere in the fuse box.
I'm leaning toward aftermarket parking sensors. I'll need to unplug it and see if it stops the beeping (super annoying). I don't get why they installed it to the left instead of the right either. It's closer to the right.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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