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If you pull the plugs, spinning it on the starter should be OK.
The thing rotates a LOT in the first 2 minutes after starting, so 2 or 300 rpm
on the starter isn't going to match that.

My experience with a half- dozen or so break- ins has been that the key is to warm it up, jump in, and
hit it hard- not to redline, but heavy load, long overruns, and repeat 10 or so times.
Then you're golden- the rings have started to seat properly, and everything else is already OK-
exception being, if you have a new cam and lifters, don't let it idle below 1800 or so,
which isn't too hard.

4 laps on your average road course seems to be ideal, then a cooldown and check, and
off you go again.

I had a leak once, (I messed up the front main seal) and I hate to admit, but I ran it anyway,
and it lost less than a quart of oil. But made a TERRIBLE mess!

1 - 1 of 33 Posts