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So I buy a 2nd hand pair of OEM xenons. The install goes without a hitch. The seller told me to pull fuse 32, but I do a search on the board and find the coding change for xenon retrofit. I copy the instructions and make an appointment at the dealer. At first they tell me it isn't possible to retrofit xenons, but they change their minds after I show them the instructions I found on fanatics.

With a Modic station:
- Select ZCS coding
- Pick the model of your car i.e. E46, E39 ?..
- Select LSZ or LCM
- select "retrofit"
- select "xenon headlights".
I go to pick up the car and I'm told the update didn't work. The lights are still flickering. They say the center light switch needs to be replaced. Fine, the part and labor are covered under warranty. A week later the switch comes in. I bring the car back and it still doesn't work. Now the alternator needs to be replaced!?! :banghead:

To be continued...
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