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So I forgot to pay 1 ticket. :banghead:
Baltimore City then decides to boot my car. :ben:
I check it out and this orange metal thing is sitting directly on my Breyton Visions and I was sure it was doing damage. :cry:

So, I go downtown to pay the ticket with no problem and, sure enough, after it was taken off, my wheel is all sorts of scuffed up. :ben: I had some curb rash on it but now there are like VERY obvious scrapes on the more interior portion of the outter rim rather than along the part that is right along the tire portion. What should I do? I've already called the appropriate law departments to make a claim! I've taken like a ton of pictures with the boot on, then took a ton of pictures with it off, then a ton of pictures after wiping the wheel clean to indicate that its not just tar and dirt

tI shouldn't have to pay for the damage to an expensive wheel! I want at least 200 to do the refurbishing or, at best 360 to replace the whole wheel. Though I doubt that would fly seeing as how the wheel is still straight and all.

Ideas guys? Experiences with THE BOOT?
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