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330Ci SMG
Typ BN51
354 Titanium Silver Metallic
N6SW Standartleather/black

Extra Equipment

0534 Klimaautomatik
0206 Sequenzielles Manuelles Getriebe
0338 M Sportpaket II
0459 Sitzverstellung elektrisch Fahrer Memory/Beifahrer
0502 Scheinwerfer-Waschanlage
0650 CD-Laufwerk-Zusteuerung
0210 Dynamische Stabilitäts-Kontrolle (DSCIII)
0226 Sportliche Fahrwerksabstimmung
0249 Multifunktion für Lenkrad
0313 Außenspiegelpaket
0403 Glasdach, Elektrisch
0481 Sportsitze für Fahrer/Beifahrer
0494 Sitzheizung für Fahrer/Beifahrer
0508 Park-Distance-Controll (PDC)
0522 Xenon-Licht
0661 Radio BMW Business
0716 Aerodynamikpaket
0788 M LM Räder mit Mischbereifung
0441 Raucherpaket


G Power Supercharger
Vano Tech
X8R Aluminium Disa Flap

H&R Coilovers
H&R Anti-Roll-Bars
Meyle HD Wishbone
Meyle HD Hydrolager
M3 Rear Shock Mount
Z3 Reinforcement plate

Brake Calipers and carriers powder coated
Zimmermann Sport rotors
Steel Brake Lines

8,5x19et35 mit 225/35
9,5x19et40 mit 255/30

Facelift Hood
Boser Hood Extension
Original CSL Trunk Lid
Carbon Emblems
Salberk Performance Nieren
Carbon CSL Splitters
M3 Mirrors Full Option
Roof painted in BMW Schwarz II
Original LED Taillights
Inside Performance CSL-Look Exhaust
Inside Performance Carbon Diffusor

Resler IBUS Interface
Crunch GTX 4800
Jehnert Doorboards
JL Audio Stealthboxes

M3 SMG steering wheel with Carbon Paddels
M3 SMG Switch scenery
M3 SMG Shift Knob
Performance Alu Pedals
Performance Footrest
Carbon Fiber Rear Shelf

Purchase Condition

Original condition from first owner with only 58 tkm.

Saison 2010

Saison 2011

Saison 2012

Saison 2013

Saison 2016

Saison 2019

Interieur / Hifi

other stuff


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looks awesome. the subtle boser hood looks perfect on there and the m3 rear is flawless. I like what you did with the interior as well. thanks for sharing your modding journey with us

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details on that m3 csl diffuser to fit the non-m zhp rear bumper!!! please!! What a gorgeous car!

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I am glad that you guys find my car well :thumbsup:

details on that m3 csl diffuser to fit the non-m zhp rear bumper!!! please!! What a gorgeous car!
Here is the link to the diffusers for the e46 from inside-performance:
And even here you can look at the installation instructions: (unfortunately in German)

Nicely done. Cant wait to see this years changes :thumbup:
I'm also curious how it will look :hmm:

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That is one BEAUTIFUL Silversurfer!! Tastefully modded, subtle yet stunning - that's the way to do it! Well done!!
clean ride !
A stunning car! Don't get the black rims... It's too classy the way it is now!
Thank you very much guys :thumbsup:

The decision was not easy, but by changing the wheels I have only advantages. The tires are much cheaper (I save about ***8364;320,00 for a set of tires from the same manufacturer). I can change the wheels from front to back. I do not have to spend hours polishing the aluminum and I save about 10kg in weight.

A friend has photoshoped the new rims on my car.

In order to remain faithful to my concept, I take the rims in black. I like the concave design.
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