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A little late on the updates but had nothing really much to update about. Shes still running strong at 166k miles and I'm convinced it was the radiator since I haven't experience any over pressure since changing the rad a few months ago.

I did have to change the Hard coolant lines a couple of months ago since I experience a small leak coming from them. They were old and broke when I was removing them so they were on their way out anyways. Since changing them no loss of coolant and no over night pressure. I replaces all vacuum lines and gaskets in the intake manifold, cleaned the ICV and throttle body, The PO replaced the throttle body with an oem vdo throttle body, wonder why?

I bit the bullet and drove my car to Miami for the weekend a couple of weeks ago and other than a weak start or two no issues what so ever!

Still had the starting issue, its a long crank then weak start, sometimes blue smoke but only caught it once or twice. I took out the injectors the other day and they aren't leaking, maybe #3 is but its not dripping but more like it has a little at the tip but not enough to drop on the shop towels below so that cant be the issue right? Sometimes the car starts on the first crank which seems odd too 🤔

I just did the oil change at 5k miles and swapped to 5w30 Valvoline full synthetic since a friend of mine warned me about mobile 1 thinning out and swears by Valvoline. I was worried since i had 0w-40 so I did the oil change. I do agree with him on Valvoline, my mothers 04 Galant is at 340k miles only running on Valvoline 5w30 synthetic blend so why not on the bmw? (no oil fights please, I know how touchy oil threads can be). After the oil change I'm not getting the starting issue so maybe was the oil? My oil did smell like gas so maybe I do have a bad injector? 🤷‍♂️

Hope everyone is staying safe and new pics are coming soon!

Also love the new look of the site, kinda miss the old emojis tho
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