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My Ride... Under Cons... Comments?

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Almost done... a lil body work left, n system, n ETC... Any comments at this time though ??? :thumbup:
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Thanks a lot guys... i was not sure of my prject but after reading all your replys i am very happy... the missing seat n other stuff will b back soon... i have something else that u guys will love... trust me... hint: EXOTIC CARS ... thank u again
AHAHAAHAHA... do i know u SCHOW36? cause i haven't told many people about the lambo doors... but yeah, motorized lambo doors are part of the finished project... :thumbup:

and when n where is this NJ MEET ? cause i want to make sure i will b ready for it on the 23rd :pimpin:
Thanks to every1 for the compliments... really... hey e46mpwr, i don't think i have noticed you n your ride b4.... i guess u haven't seen the ride is because i haven't had it for almost 3months now.. n i still don't have it... i was lucky to take it for a spin for a lil yesterday n took some pics... but i should b done soon... These Lambo doors are taking forever... Once again thanks ... means a lot
sorry.... it's a hamann spoiler... no u did not potpie ... looks good though.

alright, i was looking at the car once again today, n i took note of a comment that some poeple have made about my car... that is the ride's height... Believe it or not, i did drop the car with the H&R cup kit suspension... looks lower in person n they promise for it to b lower once everything is done... i should have went with coilovers but i don't want my ride to b lower... i was told, i am preety much set right here because there are no springs that are low enough to replace the new once i have... any comments about that ? :dunno:
1 - 13 of 40 Posts
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