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i was replacing my VANOS seals and broke two of the bolts that hook up the adjusting units to the camshaft. i didn't know that they were reverse threaded. i should have read the instructions carefully. i got them out easily. just getting the bolts is pita.

now i gotta play the waiting game. i already ordered the parts. but this holiday weekend is not helping much.
since i got these out, i remember some people struggling with their expansion tank removal and installation.
these steps makes it so much easier.
1st removed the electric fan. disconnect the wire clip.

looking from the front of the car,
remove the screw on the left circle and a clip on the right. then take a screw driver and push the clip out from the center then you can pull the fan off.

with the fan and the shroud out, you can use a long screw driver to push up on the clip located at the bottom of the expansion tank. this way you can pull the whole tank with the bottom part. just make sure before pulling it out all hoses and the sensor wire are removed.

that's it folks! i just gotta wait for the bolts to come in now. i hope you guys learned something.
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