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ok my dad just got a free Alpine CDA-7875 is this what its called cuz :dunno: anything bout headunits so im just reading the top.

anyways.. i like my music loud and i want to get subs in the future but

1) is it worth it installing this in my car i have Hk speakers.
2) is this head unit even good?
3) how much did it cost u to install headunit or will it cost me
4) i heard theres a program so u can still use the controls on the
Steering wheel. What is it and how much is this and will it work with my headunit

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Most people say there are sound quality differences with an aftermarket HU even when you are using the stock HK speakers.

Pretty much all Alpine head units are pretty good units. Although I think yours might be a little older since I don't see it on Alpine's products page.

An install just for the HU will run about $40 or $50 (off the top of my head).

In order go get the steering wheel controls to work with an aftermarket HU you need the PAC SWI-X.

Most car audio shops should know about the PAC adapters.

The PAC adapters only work on headunits that have a remote control.


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Yeah you will hear a difference. (i did)

The alpine should have better SQ & will be louder.
Im not familiar with your model of alpine tho.
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